Change your To-Do List to your Ta-Done List

To much to do? Are you distracted? In the midst of confusion? Going crazy?  Is your To-Do list longer than you can handle?

Slow down sister!  I know you are distracted and in the midst of going crazy with everything that you have to do. Always remember to list

Take a deep breath and let’s look at what is actually going on here!

We are funny creatures. We strive so hard for perfection. We are people please-ers. Some of us more than others. I suspect we are taught this. If you can let go of perfection, and what you assume is your responsibility for a moment -just for a moment- you may be able to look at the situation with new eyes.

FIRST: Stop Assuming you have to do it all. Remember when you ASSUME  you make an ASS-outta-U-&-ME!! Stop it. Stop assuming. Stop hyperventilating.

Did you decide you have to do it all? Is it because  you are afraid to let someone down? Why? Ask yourself, why am I trying to do all this?

Now let’s get to it. Let’s make that to-do list a ta-done list!!

I find it helpful to use a tablet, or scratch pad and write the list down the center of the tablet with space on either side, along with space above and below. This way, you can add notes, days, dates, stars, swear words! Whatever might help you!  🙂

Here’s a great method to slowing things down and putting things down, so they are more easily dealt with:

  1. Make a list of everything that has to be done. Don’t start hyperventilating. Just make a list.
  2. Put everything possible on the list. Every.little.thing. Get it out of your head and into black and white. You can add more as you go.
  3. Once your list is complete (and oh-by-the-way it never is)…once you have a list you can work from, it will free up some of that chaos running around inside your pretty little head. You will find that your to do list never ends. You add and subtract every day. It’s all part of life. The idea here is to get it out of your head so you can think clearly and chill-ax some.
  4. Now let’s look at the list and see if we can assign anything to someone else. Yes, that’s right… assign it to anyone other than you. You can be really creative here. Your mom, husband, child, sister, brother…friend -can you hire someone to do it reasonably?  If you can you give any item on here to someone else – do it. One less thing for you. YAY!!
  5. Contact them right now and say something like: I am feeling overwhelmed, can you please help me out?  Any other thing you can tell them that YOU are comfortable telling them. Don’t go into to much detail. Don’t drone on and on about what all you have to do. Just Can you help me by doing this ____?  The simpler the better.
    **This may be a hard step for you sunshine, but it will be very freeing for you. Trust me.  And it gets easier and easier. I personally find it best to just say hey sister, can you give me a hand?  Most people love to help. It’s in our DNA. And don’t even worry about being embarrassed to ASK FOR HELP!  Everyone needs help sometimes. You can return the favor sometime. EZ-PZ. (you can thank me later)
  6. Write a day or date by the items that can be done another day or that HAVE to be done another day.
  7. Now that you have gotten a few things assigned to someone else and changed to another day: let’s look at the list and see if we can prioritize what has to be done right away. Star these items or highlight them. Color them red. Whatever works for you that allows you to focus on the MIP’s. (most important tasks)

Ta-Da! Don’t you feel better already?

Did you know that we all procrastinate and make things way bigger issues and imagine all kinds of things than we need to? Did you know it really is all in your head? All living beings are hardwired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. We weren’t meant to suffer and our brain tries to keep us away from it. It’s why we hate change.
For some reason we see any task as work and pain.  (and this could be taught to us when we are young)
Most of the time we put off something and then when we finally DO do it, we find out it was pretty simple and took WAY less time than we imagined. Our brains are funny like that. They try to make mountains out of molehills!

Ok get that list made!

My credo:  You are not a human being on a spiritual journey, but a spiritual being on a human journey. You are not your body or your mind, but so much more!!!!  You do not have a soul, you are a soul! You have a body.



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