Where to start

Hello & welcome to My New Journey!

I started this blog in 2008. Since then I have learned a lot about posting and creating but haven’t really moved forward. Have you ever gotten stuck? Stuck and confused?

Where do you start? That seems to be the biggest question of all. How to pour out thoughts and feelings in a journal, let alone an online journal seems a bit scary and difficult.  But the only way to get where I want to go is to start. Learn. Try. Step forward!

So I start here today. I start here with this post, to finally begin this journey.

First let me explain that I created My New Journey because I wanted a place to share words of wisdom, encourage people, teach people. I do this every day of my life and I was asked to create a blog to help others.

So trial and error, I am beginning today. I am here to help YOU.

The hardest part of starting anything is taking that first step. So I am stepping up and stepping out.

Join me on my Journey!
Let me leave you with this very encouraging video from Steve Harvey.

Take that leap of faith – you say you have faith but how do you show it? staying stuck in a job you hate. not putting forth the effort to do what God has created you to do. JUMP! God will catch you and support you.

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